Decision-making - Being clever, strategic and sustainable


Your Situation

As a manager, you make decisions every day and hold a great responsibility for business and personal developments. You often lack sufficient time to get informed thoroughly and are not able to prognose or calculate the impact decisions can have. Contradictions and a lack of clarity go hand in hand with decision-making.

Your Benefit

Learn the theory, methods and tools to make professional decisions. Apply these to real case studies. You will also receive input on typical mistakes in decision-making and become familiar with avoidance strategies.


  • The fundamentals of professional decision-making

- Origination of decisions
- Intuition vs. systematic
- Ambiguity tolerance – dealing with contradictions and lack of clarity

  • Methods of decisions

- Decision process
- Creative and decision techniques
- Value of benefit analysis

  • Typical mistakes in decisions

- Quick thinking
- Heuristics & Biases

  • Transfer and Application


  • Professional input
  • Group work
  • Case-studies
  • Discussion

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German, English


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