Feedback that leaves an impact


Your situation

As a manager, giving feedback is one of your daily tasks. This is, of course, something you are perfectly aware of.
It is often quite easy for you to praise your employees and colleagues, in fact you would do it even more often, if you only remembered to think about it and if you didn´t have your doubts that too much praise can quickly sound banal.
You also consider it important to discuss critical matters and you do this promptly too. Sometimes this creates a tense atmosphere and leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling.
Sometimes your feedback doesn´t bring any results, as if your message has fallen on deaf ears.
And sometimes you say nothing at all, although it would have been important to do so – it is simply not the right moment.

Your benefit

The training will give you a more in-depth knowledge on the subject of feedback. It sensitizes participants to their attitude and how it impacts the way they give feedback and also how they accept feedback from others. Participants learn 'respectful communication', on the basis of which a method is built for clear, empathetic and effective feedback. Using many concrete and practical examples contributed by the participants from their own direct work environment, we will practise giving feedback very intensively. In addition, participants will receive ideas about how they can introduce a feedback culture in their own workplace.


  • How much feedback does a person need?
  • How do I work with feedback?
  • What is useful for constructive feedback?
  • What makes feedback effective?
  • Feedback on the basis of ´respectful communication'
  • Case examples on feedback situations
  • Creating a feedback culture


Technical input, group work, role plays with video, exercises using concrete case examples



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