How does motivation work?


Your situation

As a manager you have responsibility for employee development and leadership. You are faced with the challenge of wanting to motivate extremely different individuals to produce maximum performance in the interest of a common goal.
In your daily work as a manager you will sometimes be dealing with employees who are passive, unreliable, unwilling to work, perhaps who even show resistance when it comes to completing work assignments or project goals.
All in all, you simply wish for more enthusiasm and commitment on the part of your employees when it pertains to following common goals, but you don´t know which "button to press" in order to achieve this.

Your Benefit

The training provides basic knowledge about how motivation is generated and what factors can influence it. With this knowledge as a basis, you can develop strategies to create the conditions that encourage and promote employee motivation.
You learn different concepts to identify personality types and develop ideas how you can use them in your daily work as a manager to motivate your employees.
Last but not least, you will gain an in-depth understanding of what motivates YOU and how you contribute to motivating or demotivating others.


  • Psychological basic needs as the root of motivational behaviour of human beings
  • ­The concept of values: Intrinsic values as behaviour motivators
  • The leadership personality as a model: What impact do your own human image and values have when it comes to motivating your employees?
  • People are different – the model " limbic preferences" as an instrument for classifying personality types
  • The power of speech: How speech can be motivating or demotivating


Technical input, self-reflection with key questions, work in small groups, discussion, practical exercises, feedback, action – reflection – learning

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