Effective and authentic leadership - training for women


Target Group

This seminar is intended for women who already hold a management or project leadership position, or who are preparing to do so, and who want to learn how they, as a woman, can lead effectively and still remain authentic.


The seminar supports you in understanding the social-psychological principles which explain why women in management positions are often pushed to their limits and under what conditions women in management positions can be successful. Using this as a basis, you develop measures to lead a current project to success.

In addition, you will reflect on your own actions, your resources as well as what drives you from within. In order to market yourself more actively, you will learn to find a good balance between authenticity and a sense of effectiveness. You will therefore look closely at typical female and typical male communication and leadership styles and find your own individual style.

The subject of work-life balance will also be aired in this seminar – and you will find your own position on this by confronting your own goals and motives as well as the expectations you have to meet. In addition, we will take a look at resilience-building factors and try to strengthen them.


Understanding the organizational context and working in it successfully:

  • Understanding corporate culture and identifying possibilities to act effectively and authentically
  • Develop sensitivity for unconscious stereotypes and thereby better understand one´s own assessments and reactions in order to find a good way to deal with it.
  • Recognize the problems of minorities and learn different options for action
  • Recognize the importance of networks and promoters and learn to use them actively

Reflect on personal influencing factors and learn about new options for action:

  • Identify and activate you own drivers and resources
  • Understand the differences between male and female leadership and find your own style
  • Find the balance between authenticity and a sense of effectiveness in order to market yourself more actively

Gain satisfaction through a healthy work-life balance:

  • Question your own motives and goals and the expectations of others in order to position yourself
  • Identify measures in order to draw more satisfaction from your own work-life balance
  • Develop resilience


  • Technical input
  • self-reflection
  • collegial advice
  • work on concrete projects

Approx. two to three months after the seminar, the participants will have the possibility to have a telephone coaching session with the trainer to check what aspects of the material learned in the training could be put into practice and to work further on personal development areas.


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Diagnostic & Feedback Processes, Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership


English, German


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