Basics of Agile Management – Mastering complexity with confidence


Your Situation

You are a manager and find yourself in an innovative and complex working environment. The challenges you are facing for yourself and your team are increasingly changing and you have the impression that your professional surroundings are changing faster today than ever before. Markets are determined by "VUCA": Volatility Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. You would like to expand your leadership skills and your options for action in order to remain successful in this work environment with your employees. Agile management leads to a competitive advantage: Self-responsibility, flexibility and self-organization are needed to recognize changes and to react fast and appropriately. You can then face the challenges of agile transformation in small and large organizational units and prepare yourself with this training.

Your Benefit

In this practice-oriented 3-day training, you will learn the basics of agile management and prepare yourself for the agile transformation in your organization on the basis of the core elements: Strategy, Organization, Leadership and Behavior as well as culture and mindset. In addition, you will receive concrete ideas to put them into practice in your area of responsibility.
Decisive for the use of agile methods (Kanban, SCRUM, etc.) is a corresponding inner attitude. In this practice-oriented 3day training, you will get to know the basics of the agile world and of Management 3.0 for your area of responsibility.


Basics of agile working for managers

  • Fields of application/ elements of agile management: (Big Picture)
  • Framework conditions: How do I lead? How is the behavior and what are the expectations from the teamwork?
  • The opportunities & risks involved in agile work operations (Self-responsibility/ self-organization)
  • Strategy: Why agile? / Vision and added value: Creation of long-term business value
  • Agile values and principles on the basis of the agile manifest
  • Leading agile teams: Agile coaching

Basics and components of agile transformation

  • Analysis of your own organization: how agile am I (as a manager) and how agile are we as a team/ organization
  • How do I transform from the strategy (my area/team) to an agile organization that fits my needs: Introduction and use of agile techniques (e.g. retrospectives, team & project charter, planning poker, customer reviews), and methods/ frameworks (using examples from SCRUM, Kanban & Design Thinking)
  • Agile mindset: Thinking and acting for an agile culture

Individual determination of location:
Analysis of the degree of agile maturity of one´s own organization

Deriving possible areas of action for agile approaches: How do I transform my team into an agile team? (Development of a roadmap/ action options)

Using concrete examples taken from our participant group and working in teams, we will apply selected agile techniques. You may of course bring your own topics to the class and work on them.


  • Technical input
  • Group work
  • Discussion

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Project Management, Process Management, Agile Methods, Quality Management


English, German


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