New to the role and position – Female Leaders


Your situation

You are a female employee with potential to assume a management position or have recently taken on the role of leader. You have not participated in any leadership training.

Your Benefit

Prior to the training, your trainer will contact you by telephone to clarify your goals as well as collect questions which pertain to your role as leader.
The demands that are placed on female leaders, opinions and attitudes that help you meet these challenges will be discussed and reflected upon. Insight and personal objectives to meet these demands more effectively bring the training to a focused end.
Individual support in form of coaching with the trainer is offered upon completion of the training.


  • Competence for female leaders
  • What does it mean to lead? Roles and responsibilities of leaders
  • Effective communication in the employee appraisal
  • Plans, objectives, delegating and enabling employees to assume responsibility
  • Coaching-Intstruments for leaders
  • Leading teams and managing team dynamics
  • Identifying needs in interpersonal matters and the impact it has on leadership
  • Managing personal beliefs
  • Competence inventory check, formulating goals and milestones


  • Professional input
  • individual and partner work
  • collegial supervision
  • role-plays



Team Development, Leadership, Personality Development




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