Psychology for Managers


Your Situation

As a Manager you have repeatedly thought to yourself, "Actually I should have become a psychologist". You have to interact with many different people and have to adapt to them. The impact of your leadership behaviour reveals itself for the most part through communication. But how do you get through to people? What influences a person´s behaviour? Can you change people? And how do you lead your team most effectively? You know that your career success also depends on your answers to these questions. You would like to address these questions systematically, and in so doing, receive a concise synopsis you can use in your daily business, which is based on current scientific findings, and then adapt it to your personal situation.

Your Benefit

You will increase the effectiveness of your leadership behaviour by checking it against the fundamentals of scientific principles regarding thinking, feeling and acting and then adapting it to your own situation. By doing so, you will develop your skills in the following areas:


  • Self-control
  • Motivating your employees
  • Convince and negotiate
  • Understanding and guiding interpersonal behaviour and group processes
  • Employee development


  • Introduction to psychology as a science
  • Overview of subject areas relevant to managers
  • Personality psychology (current scientific knowledge, possibilities and limits of personality changes), pertaining to self-control as a manager and in the coaching of employees
  • Basics of human information processing (how human beings perceive information; how do they process it; how do they store it?), as far as it pertains to delegation, employee development, convincing and negotiation
  • The principles of behaviour control (which parameters determine human behaviour?), when it comes to management style, context factors of work and emotional intelligence


  • Technical input
  • group work
  • practical exercises
  • real life case studies


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Diagnostic & Feedback Processes, Transformation & Change Management


English, German


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