Self-Development Centre – Self-directed professional development for managers and potentials


Your Situation

If you have not been manager for much time, or, you are about to be promoted to the position, you most likely need to determine where you stand on leading employees.

Would you like to plan systematically the steps for your further development with your superior at a chosen location at which you are able to implement the transfer on your own?

Would you like to be able to evaluate your employees and their performance with objectivity? Would you like to support the development of their strengths as well as areas of improvement with constructive feedback?

Are you keen on designing and organizing the seminars on your own initiative and ready to assume responsibility for the quality of the results?

The Self-Development Centre – a combination of development centre and management training – offers you exactly this opportunity in a most efficient manner.

Your Benefit

In the course of the 2 day programme at self-development centre, you will experience a day in the life of a manager and work on close-to-reality tasks. You can document the intensive peer feedback you receive regarding the strengths and potential areas of development based on your performance during the simulation in a personal feedback and development log. Together, with the other participants, you can determine and plot concrete actions that will foster professional growth.

Additionally, your participation in the performance assessment training will fine-tune your ability to observe and evaluate employee behaviour. Further, you exercise your ability to offer an objective and specific feedback by evaluating the strengths and development potential of peer performance in similar simulations.


  • A day in the life of a manager with various simulations
  • Observing and evaluating behaviour with an objective mind
  • Evaluating the simulated activities
  • Receiving and giving performance feedback
  • Personal feedback and professional growth documentation
  • Establishment of professional learning and development peer networks


  • Simulation of a day in the life of a manager
  • Performance assessment training
  • Peer feedback
  • Individual work
  • Video analysis

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Additional Information

Duration: 2 days


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