Strategic communication - achieving goals communicatively


Your Situation

You have the impression that sometimes people are simply not doing what you want them to do? Nothing happens although you have quite clearly said so?
Time and again, during communication, there are misunderstandings, quick-tempered eruptions or conflicts?

Your Benefit

You will receive help in this seminar! We train flexible and skillful behaviour and procedures for and in numerous communication situations. You analyse the situation, view your communication toolbox, find (hopefully!) the right tool and use it successfully. If you do not find a tool, then you learn to recognise one and to use it. By means of the effect and success of a tool, we will assess whether it was the correct one or an inappropriate one to use, and, in this case, which one would have been better.


  • What does "strategic communication" actually mean, and what does it bring?

The importance of dicussion targets:

  • What do you want to achieve - impression or effector both?


  • How can you reach your targets? Controlling, interventionist or prepared to compromise? Competitive, cooperative, collegial or solution-orientated?

The toolbox model:

  • If you only know how to use a hammer, then every problem looks lika a nail. Stocktaking: What do you have in your toolbox? What do you still need in it?

Tactic & technique:

  • Communicative tools & Their targeted use
  • Questioning techniques, feedback, accusations, silence, disguise & deceit, bluffing or strategic autmatic old school response...


  • The use and selection of new tools
  • Using the jackhammer for the first time brings about disaster. The correct instrument at the correct time


  • Professional Input
  • Groupwork
  • Collegial Supervision
  • Role Plays
  • Video Analysis

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English, German


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