Today a teammate, tomorrow a manager


Your Situation

From teammate to supervisor: You have recently become the manager over your (own former) team and have noticed that the interaction between you and your former colleagues has changed.
Or alternatively, you are just getting ready to assume a future management position and would like to think about and prepare yourself in advance in all the aspects of the new role. What exactly does leadership mean to you? How will your former colleagues accept you as their leader, and what expectations will you be confronted with? How can you start out on the right foot in your new role?

Your Benefit

After attending this basic seminar you will be optimally prepared for the challenges of leading employees. You will identify potential hurdles and work out various ways of dealing with them, which in turn will give you the necessary feeling of security in your first months as a leader.


This seminar will support you in the development of your leadership competences and empower you in structuring your new role as a leadership personality. It will guide you on the path of transitioning from being a teammate to becoming a supervisor.

First steps: Chances and risks in a management change

  • Informal possibility of having an influence on the leadership of employees
  • The first 100 days as a manager
  • Expectations from the new role

Leadership tasks and instruments

  • Basics of communication / open information culture
  • Leadership styles
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Clarity in one´s own goal setting
  • Impact of one´s own leadership behavior on the team
  • Feedback on one´s own management behavior
  • Work on concrete case examples from one´s own experiences

From teammate to manager: Tips and possible solutions concerning your behavior in dealing with former teammates

  • Making change happen
  • Recognition of competencies and experience


  • Professional input
  • group work
  • collegial advice
  • roleplays

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