Leading successfully – women in leadership positions


Your Situation

You are in a management position in the company or you are on the way to becoming a manager, and
you are constantly faced with the so-called "glass ceiling"? You are confronted with "political games" in the company and do not know how to react to them?
Your position has afforded you a certain amount of power and you are unsure how to deal with it?
Do you ask yourself if, as a woman, you actually want to be in a position of power?

Your Benefit

The seminar offers you insights into power structures and "invisible" mechanisms in the company and uncovers how successful women deal with power and politics. You will start to recognize behaviour patterns, reflect on your own system of values and behaviour, and will work out courses of action for yourself to cope more effectively with your daily business.


  • Define power and recognize and understand power structures in a company
  • The game with stereotypes – are women not power players?
  • How do I assume power without appearing overpowering?
  • Power – from a man´s perspective
  • The time is right for a little (female) powerfulness

....all of these in an interactive context with many practical examples, role plays and opportunities for reflection.


  • Practice-proven professional input
  • group exercises
  • collegial advice and reflection on one´s own experiences

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