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Your Situation

Professional and personal burdens increase, the tension build-up does not cease. You sense it is time to pull the brake and reflect what is truly important for your life and career. How will you be able to keep these aspects more focus? How will you be able to take care of your needs, your health and contentment actively and proactively?

Your Benefit

"Finding silence is a source of strength." Lao Tzu
In this seminar you have the opportunity to slow down the pace in order to get an honest assessment of your current life situation. To what extent is your life running smoothly? Do you perceive an imbalance or alarms signaling the time for change? How is your current level of energy? How much energy do you need? In this pit stop, you can examine the different areas of your life and identify current and potential obstacles. You will become more familiar with your own stress factors and pressures; recognize energy consumers but also sources of energy. At the end of this seminar, you will have a clearer view of yourself, your situation and be able to set clear priorities to bring more balance into your life.


  • What is stress? What creates stress? How much stress is good? The most recent findings from stress research
  • Identify private and professional stress factors in various work and life situations (8 factor model) and in different roles
  • Job analysis: How is the ratio between demands and resources?
  • Identify and transform various sources of mental pressure, stress factors, fundamental beliefs
  • When the tank has a leak and the motor is pushed beyond the limit: energy depletion
  • Energizers for the mental, physical and emotional well-being
  • Personal perspectives: How do I really want to live? What is important and meaningful to me?
  • Planning targets and actions to pave the right path for your personal work-life balance


  • Professional Input
  • Discussion + Exchange
  • Self-reflection
  • Creative Exercises
  • Collegial Supervision
  • Tests / Questionnaires

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Personality Development, Health


English, German


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