The Fundamentals of Statistics and Statistical Analysis


Your Situation

Employees in all Divisions, especially Research and Development as well as Quality Assurance who need a basic knowledge of statistics in their function and who come into contact with statistical evaluations.

Your Benefit

In this interactive Digital Classroom Training, you will receive an overview of the basics of mathematical correlations and numerical methods that are used in a technical environment. First of all, a self-learning unit (e-learning) is used to illustrate the basics of mathematical interrelationships (estimated time needed: approx. 0.5 days). During the whole day Live Online Training (approx. from 09.00 a.m. - 04.30 p.m. / coffee breaks and lunch break will be discussed with the trainer) we will explain the different elements of statistics. These will be discussed in more depth using practice exercises with Microsoft Excel. The seminar offers an overview and orientation for further in-depth training on this subject.


e-learning: Visual explanation of interrelationships (approx. 0.5 days)

  • ­ Probability calculations
  • ­ Basic expressions, frequencies, siting and scattering parameters
  • ­ Various distribution types
  • ­ Normal distribution
  • ­ Spot checks, estimates
  • ­ Hypothetical tests
  • ­ Basic statistical parameters and methods (mean value, standard deviation, averaging process)


Live Online Training: In-depth study and explanation of mathematical interrelationships, exercises using Microsoft Excel

  • 1 day from approx. 09.00 a.m. - 04.30 p.m. / coffee-breaks and lunch break will be agreed with the trainer during the Session.
  • ­ Basic parameters and procedures (mean value, standard deviation, averaging process)
  • ­ Distribution functions (Normal and closely related distributions, extreme value distributions, sample distributions)
  • ­ Hypothetical tests (Hypotheses, α-level, errors)
  • ­ Statistical standard evaluation methods (Correlations, variance, regression, factor analysis)




e-learning, classroom training, expert input, case studies,

practical exercises

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Additional Information

This training is produced in cooperation with WABCO Academy  WABCO Logo


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