Trainer Education (Train the Trainer)


Your Situation

Share knowledge effectively. Easier said than done! You are assigned the duty of consolidating and processing knowledge and transmitting it professionally, i.e. effectively. Perhaps you do this in your company as your main task or only from time to time. You develop presentations, plan teaching events of various kinds, facilitate workshops and train employees, colleagues or customers. Alternatively, maybe you are responsible for entire training programs and are therefore seeking sound methodical-didactical training in order to get an insight into the essential basics of teaching and learning and their practical application. You would like to handle your tasks professionally and produce high quality work in order to guarantee a sustainable transfer of knowledge.
At the same time, you want to work with modern, interactive methods such as webinar, live online training or YouTube videos and transmit knowledge, and you are on the lookout for attractive forms of learning, learning platforms and approaches.

Your Benefit

CONTUR´S trainer education is a training seminar from professionals for professionals (train the trainer). In our role as a large and successful training provider, we know the training business inside out and we would like to pass on this knowledge to you and meet your demand for professionalism during the seminar. You will profit from an intensive, consistent application and practice-oriented course that not only transmits knowledge but also supports, guides and coaches you for your daily work as a trainer, educator or human resource developer.
Working in a group with a maximum of 10 participants, you will also profit from content-related suggestions and an exchange of ideas. You will work in a variety of learning environments; try out the various forms of sharing information – from a written text to learning in a seminar and even through You Tube videos or podcasts. Another benefit will be working in peer groups where you work together on concrete projects. Besides the classroom modules and live online workshops, trainers will offer guidance through online coaching and on-site visits to your seminars to ensure that your seminars are consistently more professional.
Parallel to the training agenda, you will develop a complete seminar product from the starting point of determining needs up to quality assurance that you will present within the framework of the closing activity.


The classroom training modules each last three days. 

  • Module 1 training: Basics of successful training
    • ­ Understanding training needs and target groups
    • ­ How do adults learn and how do you ensure clarity?
    • ­ Learning goal-oriented reasoning and conceptual design
    • ­ Planning and implementing professional methods and media
    • ­ Recognizing and communicating core structures in training contents
    • ­ Teacher role plays and video feedback
  • Module 2 training: Training setups and training situations
    • ­ A world of models: What do typical training setups consist of?
    • ­ Using role plays, simulation and video training selectively
    • ­ Systemic techniques in training and coaching
    • ­ Setup of behavior and leadership training
    • ­ Group dynamic and sociographic methods in team and behavior training
    • ­ Presentation skills for trainers
    • ­ Teacher role plays and video feedback
  • Module 3 training: Practical tools for trainers and live test training
    • ­ The person, personality and self-image of the trainer
    • ­ Professionalization of your own actions as a trainer
    • ­ Self-management, self-coaching and self-help
    • ­ Peer advice and intervention
    • ­ Impulse training with video feedback
    • ­ Use of preventive approaches and dealing professionally with sensitive issues in training
    • ­ Alternative and creative training techniques


  • case work
  • training advice
  • peer group work
  • online training
  • self-tests
  • debriefing with MBTI



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Learning Process Support, Transformation & Change Management, Leadership, Train the Trainer


English, German


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