Communication: Your way to success


Your Situation

Globalization, international project work and constant change have made the world of work more complex. Communicating effectively, cooperating with colleagues, customers and suppliers and achieving a common goal are part of everyday professional life. In order to tackle these challenges successfully, very good communication skills are required.

Do you want to examine and optimize your communication behavior? Do you want to improve your ability to express yourself convincingly, argue effectively and tackle unfair attacks efficiently? Do you want to understand what others really want and explain confidently what you really want? Do you also want to recognize and solve future communication problems faster and avoid typical communication errors?

Your Benefit

You will learn how to talk directly, open and with insight and build on your own communicative strengths.
You will get to know simple and clear communication models, which will help you to better observe, interpret and assess conversations.
You will be taught authentic and respectful communication techniques for confident and self assured communication.
You will learn how best to communicate with different personality types and how better to reach your goals.





Basic principles of successful, constructive communication

  • Examination of different models of communication (e.g. Schulz von Thun, Paul Watzlawick, the transaction analysis model)
  • Positive thinking - positive speaking = positive communication and influence


Basic equipment for interpersonal communication

  • Dealing with different personality types
  • The art of listening
  • Questioning techniques for success
  • Reasoning techniques
  • Giving and receiving feedback


Body language

  • The body does not lie
  • Gestures, facial expressions, micro-expressions
  • Congruent and incongruent messages
  • Learning to read body language


Communicating without conflict

  • Correctly implementing strategies for conflict resolution
  • Debating respectfully
  • Avoiding typical communication errors



Professional input, group work, peer consulting, role play, video-supported feedback



Personality Development, Management Techniques, Intercultural Collaboration


German, Romanian

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Management Techniques, Intercultural Collaboration


German, English


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