Confident and Professional Appearance


Your Situation

Do you ever experience the feeling of insecurity or dissatisfaction in presentations, customer meetings and the like? Do you sometimes compare yourself to talented speakers? Have your colleagues or superiors hinted at specific areas of improvement in similar professional situations?
Are you determined to present your themes clearly, convincingly, and self-confidently in the future? You are not looking for simple "Tips and Tricks". You want to find your unmistakable path to credibility and congruency and act with self-assurance.

Your Benefit

This seminar will bring you into contact with your strengths in delivering presentations, asserting your views in meetings and developing your ability to deal with criticism. You will be able to apply these strengths independently, develop an increasingly credible stance toward your actions in your job and with your partners.


Your target is to develop a sound and professional style for public appearances ranging from one-on-one meetings to international presentations. In the seminar we will explore the following:

  • How am I completely present and self-confident – how do I really perceive my task, my partner and myself?
  • How can I act with self-assurance and react appropriately to the situation as opposed to following rules?
  • How can I address all partners with appreciation and respect at eye level?
  • What failsafe instruments can I use to access my self-confidence, humor, competence and enthusiasm for the task in difficult situations? How can I be professionally confident?
  • How can I use the uncalled-for reactions of my partner for my task?


  • Basic acting techniques
  • Exercise with internal images
  • Group work
  • Resource oriented Feedback
  • Individual coaching



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