Conflict Management I - Identifying conflicts and finding constructive solutions


Your Situation

Conflicts and disputes often cost a lot of time and energy. The main reason is only a few of us have learnt to deal with conflicts in a constructive manner. Do you often experience that the central focus of a dispute revolves more on being right than settling the matter? Do certain work processes fail to run effectively due to personality clashes? In this seminar you can learn a straightforward, value-based model which enables you to address people in a professional context - particularly in very difficult situations.

Your Benefit

After the seminar you will be familiar with a few of your own "conflict triggers". You will be able to prevent conflicts more easily, assert your needs with more composure and confidence and encourage the desired spirit of cooperation among your colleagues, employees and customers. Even in disputes, you will come to constructive agreements more quickly. In this way, you save time and energy for matters which are truly important: you can focus and work more effectively on your projects at work and have a more satisfaction with your professional rapport.



  • My conflict style
  • My inner attitude
  • My view toward others


Attaining inner clarity and taking care of oneself in order to perform

  • Understand the essence of the conflict: What exactly am I concerned about?
  • What concrete actions do I want to undertake / do I wish from others
  • Coping with anger / problems

Helpful steps in dialogues

  • Address undesired behaviors appropriately without generating unnecessary resistance
  • Cope with criticism and reproaches - the art of comprehending the true meaning behind the words of your counterpart
  • Bring about concrete, mutual solutions which all parties can accept


  • Professional input
  • Group work
  • Collegial Support
  • Role plays

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Personality Development


English, German


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