Seminar: Convince and Engage with Confidence in English


Your Situation

You work together with international colleagues, customers and business partners from different parts of the globe and it is normal that meetings, presentations as well as daily communication are in English. You already consider yourself proficient at handling day to day business situations in English, however....... effective are you when it comes to convincing international colleagues or customers to accept your proposals, ideas or opinions in meetings or presentations? do you articulate constructive feedback or a request for something without damaging a good business relationship? well are you able to articulate arguments with confidence and conviction without stepping on your international business partners toes?

Despite your English language proficiency, you feel handicapped in these kinds of situations. You are also well aware that good business relationships and successful collaboration greatly depend on how your colleagues and business partners perceive you and your communication. Therefore, you would like to further develop your soft skills in English in order to communicate more effectively and successfully in your international work environment.

Your Benefit

This interactive 3-day training you will provide you with.....

  • enhanced professionality and confidence in handling a variety of important business situations in English,
  • the competencies needed to build and maintain better business relationships with your international colleagues, customers and business partners, and
  • individually tailored feedback on the impact of your communications style and suggestions for further personal development.


  • Communication styles and how they are influenced by culture and language.
  • How to adapt your verbal and non-verbal communication appropriately to successfully handle everyday business situations such as: relationship-building and small talk; delivering presentations and steering meetings; articulating agreements, disapproval or differences in opinion; conflict situations; feedback.
  • Tipps, methods and practice for more precise, convincing and effective communication and presentation in English.


  • Trainer impulses and inputs
  • group work
  • case studies
  • role plays
  • feedback (optional: video-feedback)
  • peer consulting, individual coaching.

All participants are entitled to a one-on-one coaching session in the evening with the trainer. Seminar language: English.


Profile as PDF-download


Personality Development, Intercultural Collaboration


English, German


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