Lightness and success at work through good character judgement


Your Situation

Every company contains a microcosm of personalities. You also work with different individuals, pursue goals and design the work day with others. It is seldom that everything runs harmoniously. Like and dislike play an essential role. Another person's behaviour and reactions may appear inexplicable and unacceptable to another, making effective and constructive work difficult.

Your Benefit

The scientifically proven personality models preseneted in the seminar will enable you to understand the various aspects of human needs, not least, recognize your own communication, work and behavior style in relation to others. You learn to assess and adapt to the behaviour of colleagues, clients and team members.
You learn to perceive the needs of colleagues in all positions and roles more consciously, identify with, respond to and manage these effectively. Daily misunderstandings, hidden conflicts, endless discussions can finally be managed professionally and influenced positively.


  • Understanding main traits and needs based on personality styles
  • Reflection and assessment of one's own effect on others
  • Diverse communication styles with personality styles
  • The impact of needs in professional life – dealing with stress, unclear situations, decisions, change, goals and working constructively together


  • Professional input
  • group work
  • practice



Diagnostic & Feedback Processes, Leadership, Personality Development


English, German


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