Rhetoric - Getting to the point


Your Situation

Part of your work involves speaking and presenting in front of clients, employees, colleagues and project teams. Quite often, your speech or presentation has a strict time limit. In this short time, you will have to convince your audience very quickly, have the appropriate media available and enthuse them to listen and participate in your performance actively.

Your Benefit

You will become familiar with your communication strengths and fine-tune specific speech forms. You will learn about your communication deficits and be given tools to minimize these. In addition, several rhetoric strategies will offer you greater possibilities to speak more effectively.


Diagnosis of your own style of speech

  • What is useful; what you can still work on
  • Development potential
  • What is a good speaker


Dramaturgy of speeches

  • How do I open a speech
  • Aim and message plot the course
  • How to maintin the audience's attention
  • Finding a motivating conclusion


Preparing speeches and presentations

  • Who am I really speaking to?
  • What benefit should the audience have after my speech?
  • Coping with risks and obstacles


  • Professional input
  • Group work
  • Video feedback
  • Collegial supervision
  • Learning by doing

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Personality Development




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