Self-image – and the image others have of us


Your Situation

In your everyday business life you have daily contact to many people. You interact and communicate in various situations and ask yourself how others judge you and see you "from the outside".
You wish that you possessed more self-awareness and feedback and would like to understand how others see you and what (first) impression you make – in short: how you come across to your counterpart.

Your Benefit

You will receive multiple assessments of your demeanor and your impact on others in a variety of situations and using different methods. You will receive feedback from other seminar participants and the trainer based on roleplays, your self-description in your group by way of personal short presentations, and group and partner exercises. Simultaneously, you will increase your competency in giving and receiving feedback.


  • My impact on others: What impression do I make on people who meet me for the first time?
  • Reconciling my self-image and the image others have of me: To what extent do they coincide with each other? Where are there variances?
  • The impact of my communication style and my body language on others / Feedback on "charisma killers"
  • What emotions do I trigger in the person I am interacting with?
  • My behaviour in stressful situations. Recognizing "blind spots"
  • Intensive reflection of one´s own behavior patterns with the help of a personality questionnaire
  • Tips and tricks to improve your own impact


  • Professional input
  • collegial advice
  • roleplays recorded on video
  • individual trainer feedback



Personality Development, Management Techniques, Intercultural Collaboration


German, Romanian

Additional Information

Presentations: A Professional Approach


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