Successful Team-Work


Your Situation

Whilst working in a (project) team, you register dynamic processes that influence the results in a variety of ways. In order for you to cope constructively with these dynamics, it is important for you to be aware of your own position, the accompanying roles and responsibilities, and have the ability to manage potential conflicts effectively.

Your Benefit

After this seminar you will know the main elements that influence team-work. You will be able to identify hurdles and also have communication techniques and strategies to circumnavigate these in collaborative action with your team.


This seminar supports the development of your personal competence and reinforces your role in team.

Working in teams

  • The basics in team work
  • Typical hurdles and approaches for improvement
  • From group to team - know the phases and form actively

I am part of the whole 

  • Clarifying your own role and position
  • Recognize how you influence the group - optimization and efficiency
  • Influence group dynamic positively

Plotting and maintaining course

  • Plotting course - Setting targets and target agreements
  • Decision-making processes in a team - identify and improve
  • Maintain course - implement decisions

Clarification and Positioning - the Alpha and Omega of goal oriented communication

  • The art of constructive and effective feedback
  • Voicing recognition and criticism - basic approaches for successful communication
  • Delivering optimization ideas positively


  • Trainer input
  • Group work
  • Collegial supervision
  • Role plays
  • Activities



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