The Art of Repartee Responding quickly and cleverly in tough situation


Your Situation

Let us be honest. How often have we wished to give a quick and clever response to triumph in a tough situation but hesitate? The repartee is not always an appropriate technique to use in every situation as it can lead to escalations. Your real wish is to manage these critical situations professionally, but in your own manner.

Your Benefit

A situation analysis will reveal processes that lead toward critical situations. This will enable you to recognize how you add fire to the flame but also how you can extinguish the fire. You will expand your communication skills so that you are prepared to address individual situations. By exercising control over your emotions, you will be able to apply other communication techniques to manage a discussion.


  • Repartee – a curse or blessing?
  • Emotional control in critical situations
  • Self-reflection: What do we experience inside? Why does this happen to me?
  • Reflection on personal contributions to experience
  • Showing intended reactions – implement specific communication techniques and methods
  • Dealing with difficult partners
  • Maintain cool – even in tough situations
  • Leading and steering discussions actively; questioning techniques
  • After the match is before the match – generate a clarification round with well-formulated criticism


  • Professional input
  • Case-studies
  • Group work
  • Collegial supervision
  • Simulations
  • Exercises



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