The quick response - how to be quick-witted in an international setting


Your Situation

In many situations we wish that we could react spontaneously and with a quick wit. How often do we say in retrospect, "if only I had said .....!" This is sometimes difficult enough in your mother tongue, but to do so in English with perhaps a limited vocabulary often seems impossible. Inspite having good English proficiency we still feel at a disadvantage to native speakers. Ideally, we would love to "score points" with a quick and effective reply and to turn the situation to our advantage. Our goal therefore is to expand our own English speaking repertoire and radiate self-confidence in critical situations.

Your Benefit

We will complement the techniques in your communication tool box and broaden your proficieny in using English idioms and expressions, in order to prepare you as well as possible for your own individual situations in an international setting. You will learn a variety of possibilities to steer a conversation in which you need to be "quick-witted" and nevertheless remain more calm. At the end of the seminar you will have a broader repertoire of communication tools and techniques at your disposal.


  • Is quick-wittedness a talent or can you learn it?
  • Showing targeted reactions – using concrete communication techniques and methods
  • How to handle challenging conversation partners
  • Staying relaxed and self-confident – even in difficult situations
  • Leading active conversations and using specific question techniques
  • You always have another chance to do it better next time – how to structure criticism and clarify situations


  • technical input
  • discussion of typical examples
  • group work
  • improvisation exercises
  • simulation



"I really liked theories and examples that we can use right away."


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