Transactional Analysis Part I


Your Situation

Does the level of your success lie greatly in your ability to assess people and communicate effectively? Do you work in HR, in sales, projects? Do you have daily encounters with customers, suppliers or colleagues?

Are you interested in learning more about yourself, your personality structure, your strengths and potential? Are you interested in your own personal growth?

Your Benefit

This highly effective communication model will provide you the insight and skills how you can constructively and respectfully communicate in trying situations. As you also discover many facets of your personality, you will gain greater understanding of how you perform in particular situations. Last but not least, you will receive enlightening feedback for your personal development.


This seminar supports the development of your communication skills as well as personal and social competence.

  • Ego-state model and transactions
  • Okay-positions, our inner attitude toward ourselves and others
  • Care / Attention - value-oriented Communication
  • Identifying and dealing with conflicts effectively - the drama triangle
  • Designing workable agreements with other people


  • Professional input
  • Role-plays
  • Partner and group work
  • Supervision and individual coaching
  • Collegial supervision
  • Reflection



"Very good seminar with lots of „aha" effects. Will recommend the training!"

"Very good training. Lots of interesting topics for work and personal life."


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