Transactional Analysis Part II


Your Situation

Does the level of your success lie greatly in your ability to assess people and communicate effectively? Do you work in HR, in sales, projects? Are you consulting or leading people? Do you have daily encounters with customers, suppliers or colleagues?

You have already participated in the seminar Transactional Analysis Part 1 and you wish to learn more about yourself and others, personality structures, functional and dysfunctional dynamics. You wish to develop your strengths and potential for your personal growth.

Your Benefit

You will expand and deepen your knowledge of transactional analysis. You will be able to analyze difficult situations with more precision and manage these more effectively. You will learn much about your own socialization - its negative and positive influences. Most importantly, you will be able to identify dysfunctional situations and how to withdraw from these.


This seminar will support you in acquiring greater self-awareness.

  • Additional Ego-state models and their benefits
  • Psychological games and the way out
  • Subconscious life-planning and how we can cope
  • How we manage not having to change
  • Systemic transactional analysis and its use in organizations


  • Professional input
  • Role-plays
  • Partner and group work
  • Supervision and individual coaching
  • Collegial supervision
  • Reflection



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