Train your new international colleagues – Working together and giving instructions in the production area


Your Situation

You are a manager or an employee in the production area or in a technical area and you would like to prepare yourself for a short work assignment abroad, e.g. to repair or set up machines. Or, you may have the task to instruct your colleagues from abroad at your location about production processes. English is usually a foreign language for both sides.
Preferably you will require a toolbox with vocabulary, idioms and elements of instruction techniques. This will help transmit your knowledge and make sure that you are understood.

Your Benefit

Besides learning about the basics of international communication you will become acquainted with the essential elements of instruction techniques and will also be able to communicate your knowledge in English. You can answer questions spontaneously and possess the necessary vocabulary to react in English, and do this with self-confidence.


  • ­ Cultural differences and international communication
  • ­ Technical vocabulary in English
  • ­ The image of Germans abroad and German values
  • ­ Conveying knowledge and giving technical instructions: the WHAT and the HOW
  • ­ How do I present my knowledge, and how do I make sure that I am understood?
  • ­ Good control in the use of English as a target language


Evaluation of current language level, transfer of respective subject knowledge group work and group task, situation-related exercises including feedback. Intensive course


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