Critical Situations in Projects


Your Situation

You are responsible for planning and controlling in projects. Therefore, you need to master any digressions, changes and disturbances efficiently and successfully in order to achieve the target. It is absolutely vital to you to identify critical project situations very early and quickly determine the appropriate actions you must put into effect. Furthermore, you need to achieve an efficient and cooperative communication and coordination with your team.

Your Benefit

After this workshop you will be able to bring projects to a successful end. You will be aware of what situations hinder the progress of a project and which actions serve to achieve the desired result in less time and costs. A case study will illustrate the 10 most common mistakes in projects. Participants will analyze the given situation and develop different action alternatives. In addition, collegial exchange will also provide input from which problem-solving strategies can be developed.


Main aspects of a successful project

  • Criteria for environment, context and approach
  • Authority and experience of a project leader
  • Team spirit and motivated, committed team members

Identifying and avoiding project pitfalls

  • Which factors keep the project on track or lead to pitfalls?
  • Possible counter actions
  • Case study the 10 most common mistakes in projects and the approbriate counter actions

Collegial exchange

  • Project problems of the participants
  • Development of a common problem-solving approach for typical project

Problem processing with facilitation techniques


  • Professional input
  • Group work
  • Case studies


Profile as PDF-download


Transformation & Change Management, Leadership, Marketing


English, German


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