Successfully facilitating your Project Meetings


Your Situation

You are a project manager, project leader or a member of a project team and would like to facilitate your project meetings in such a way that an optimum result can be achieved, depending on the respective project situation (kick-off meeting, stakeholder analysis, work breakdown structure, evolving conflicts, etc.). Furthermore, you would like to facilitate your meetings efficiently, integrate all stakeholders in your project and organize the content and goals of your facilitation process in the best way possible. Particularly in the case of unforeseen situations and project meetings, you would like to increase your self-confidence and professional skills in order to optimize the project result through your convincing appearance and by acting in a flexible as well as result-oriented manner.

Your Benefit

After this seminar, you will be able to successfully handle all the communication demands which come up in the course of a project in order to optimally reach the project target. By getting to know, trying out and applying different facilitation media and methods, you will be able to optimally organize and visualize the results of your teamwork. The precise feedback will enable you to work on your impact and appearance and gain more self-confidence and self-assurance when facilitating your project meetings and mastering difficult situations.


Speaking skills and demeanor

  • ­Basic principles and strategies of communication in projects
  • ­Feedback on personal impact: voice, body language, presence and appearance


  • Role and tasks of a facilitator
  • ­Facilitation techniques e.g. questioning techniques, gathering of ideas and involvement of others.
  • ­Visualization (using the flip-chart)
  • ­Coping with the role conflict of being both the facilitator and the project manager/ team member

Facilitation situations

  • ­Appropriate kinds of facilitation depending on different project phases and situations
  • ­Preparation and strategies of facilitation in projects
  • ­Conclusion and follow-up to ensure project success

Coping with disturbances

  • ­Recognizing disturbances and conflicts
  • ­Coping with difficult participants and project situations
  • ­Strategies for conflict resolution
  • ­Showing self-confidence and professional behavior in difficult situations


We encourage you to bring along your real-life cases and work on your own topics in this interactive training and thereby strengthen your role as facilitator.


Technical input, group work, discussions, case studies, integrating participants' examples, feedback.



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