Training Program for Project Manager


Your Situation

You are a project leader, prospective project leader, sub project leader or a project team member with potential for future managerial tasks in projects. You possess the required professional knowledge to conduct your projects. However, in order to structure, plan, supervise and bring your projects to a successful end, you now wish to acquire the methodical competence in project management. Even if you have not worked in projects up to now, this program will provide you with a detailed overview on the tasks and responsibilities of project management.
In your leadership role, you have noticed that besides the hard facts (technique, budget, time plans), soft facts (information and communication, group climate and cooperation, leadership and conflict management) strongly influence the success of your projects.
Additionally, you now wish to acquire the necessary competences in order to deal with risks, opportunities, claims and change requests in your projects and to close your projects successfully besides occurring uncertainties. Or you wish to get a broad understanding of the tasks and responsibilities of risk- and claim-management in projects.

Your Benefit

This training program will give you the necessary confidence to manage complex projects, help you to understand the psychological success factors of project work, and you will know how to manage risks, chances, claims and change requests that might occur in projects.
Following module 1 you will be able to manage and steer your projects or sub projects on your own. You will be able to structure your project, conduct stakeholder analyses, set up a project plan based on cost, resource and time-line factors, supervise your project with greater effectiveness and efficiency and, conclude your project successfully.
In module 2 you will get a thorough understanding of psychological success factors of project work which enables you to make your collaboration in your project team more effective and to lead your project team appropriately.
Module 3 imparts how to deal with risks, opportunities, and claims and change requests and how to identify them at an early stage and to analyze contracts. You learn to calculate risks and chances and define adequate action in order to minimize risks and the realization of opportunities. You work on a successful claim strategy and will be able to phrase claims explicitly and handle complex claim situations.


Module 1 – Managing Projects

  • Initiating the project
    - Preparation of a stakeholder analysis target and definition
    - Details of the project order
    - Professional project organization
  • Planning the project
    - Criteria to structure my project
    - Creation of a work breakdown structure
    - Definition of an optimal project process (network plan)
    - Methods to calculate costs for the work packages
    - Usage of the network plan for planning time, resources and costs
  • Project supervision and steering
    - Possibilities when dealing with changes or interruptions in the project
    - Issue of a milestone-cost-trend-analyses
    - Ensuring the quality of my project
    - Criteria to ascertain the degree of completion of my project
    - Presentation of the "Earned Value Analysis"
    - Content of an efficient project status report
  • Project closure
    - Criteria to accept  the project results
    - Processes which need to be initiated by a project leader for project closure
    - Containing experience, know-how and lessons learned of the project


Module 2 – Leadership, Cooperation and Communication in Projects

  • Leadership in projects
    - Leadership behavior and style of leadership
    - Important traits of good leaders
    - Motivation and job satisfaction
  • The project leader as team builder
    - Team development
    - Group dynamics
    - Team roles
  • The project leader as facilitator
    - Heading and facilitating team meetings
  • The project leader as conflict manager
    - Conflict signs and conflict avoidance
    - Conflict analysis and conflict phases
    - Conflict solution 


Module 3 – Risk and Claim Management and Change Requests:

  • The fundamentals of successful risk and claim
    - Formulating risks, chances, claims and change requests
    - Identification of risks and chances in the proposal phase (project definition)
    - Recognizing snares in contracts and project requirements
  • Risk analysis
    - Methods to evaluate risks and chances
    - Criteria to classify risks and chances
    - Definition of actions to minimize risk and limit damage
  • Claim strategy and the claim process
    - Aspects of an appropriate claim strategy
    - Details of an efficient claim process
    - Coordination of the claim process with contractual partner
    - Formulating the contents of a claim
  • Supervising risks, chances, claims and change requests in the course of the project

- Successful management of risks and chances

- Criteria to make and assert claims on contractual partners
- Appropriate reaction to claims from contractual partners
- Successful preparation and conduction of claim meetings


First experiences in leading or coordinating (sub) projects.


  • Professional input
  • group discussion
  • role plays
  • presentations
  • practical examples



"very useful topics; good relationship with real job (realistic use cases)"


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