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The majority of change processes and projects fail; this insight is not new, and the reasons why changes fail are not new either. Often there is a lack of awareness for the necessity of change, or a missing sense of urgency. Sometimes the current corporate culture fails to support the necessary change, often causing stakeholders to revert to the former status quo. In other cases, the leadership team "forgets" to involve lower level of management, let alone the operational levels. Sometimes a lack of clarity on behalf of the leadership foils the necessary investment of energy to take full ownership of the change at hand.

A Change Management methodology needs to facilitate the exact opposite of the above symptoms or root causes. How can The Four Rooms of Change® facilitate and enable such change? A key aspect in this proven approach is to involve the whole system and to honour all people involved in the change process by enlisting active involvement - starting from the entire executive team and including all levels of line management and engaging all employees and stakeholders regardless of their functions or hierarchical levels.

As an HR Business Partner or Consultant you will enhance your professional role and add significant value to your business or your client's business, contributing more actively to planned change processes. You will find yourself adding greater value to people's ability to proactively lead personal change amidst uncertain conditions and to professionalize their team leadership acumen in turbulent times of change and great ambiguity.

The Four Rooms of Change® equips you and your clients with a common language and shared vocabulary that helps identify and voice the core issues, to address and deal with specific resistance and to resolve impasse situations together with the team. This shared language also enables the sharing of common emotions which helps to clear obstacles blocking change. Your facilitation with this proven psychology of change will help assume accountability and help the organization to deal with the emotions that often accompany change, paving the way to renewed innovation and productivity.

As a manager, leader or project manager, the Four Rooms of Change® gives you a very effective and easy-to-use set of methods and tools to support cooperation and encourage change. Use these instruments to foster motivation to change and addressing resistance. You can use the Four Rooms of Change® to initiate cultural change, monitor social processes, support individual employees in change processes and to manage customer relationships. Personally, use the Four Rooms® as a navigation aid on your personal journey through a permanently changing world.


The Four Rooms of Change® - What is it?
The Four Rooms® is one of the world´s most practical, hands-on and understandable psychological theories of change and emotional dynamics. The tested methods and proven models have been successful in helping teams develop, drive for innovation and faciitate personal change. This psychological model is based on the research of Dr Claes Janssen, which he conducted at the University of Stockholm from 1964-1975. During his research, Dr Janssen identified the existence of two distinct perspectives of life and their effect on people's willingness and ability to change. His psychological model has been correlated with approximately 20 other proven and popular pyschometric methods. Experiments from Dr. Janssen's research have been repeated throughout the last decades, and the results have been verified hundreds of thousands of times over the last 20+ years.

The distinct perspectives on life have a direct impact on our own experience, i.e., very different ways of looking at oneself, others and society and the impact these perspectives have on collaboration, development and change.

Based on the different perspectives on life and specific situations, we find ourselves in four psychological states of being. Dr. Janssen talked about these four inner states of being rooms in which we live or linger, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. The four rooms he named them Contentment, Self-Censorship and Denial, Confusion and finally, Inspiration. In which room we find ourselves at any given time depends on our life's circumstances and context and our inner state of being.

For over four decades now, organizational consultants, coaches and HR specialists around the world have been using the Four Rooms of Change® to understand individual stakeholders, group dynamics and emotional expression, and using these insights to support stakeholders to facilitate and deploy their their change processes.

In order to drive and facilitate change, you need more than just the knowledge of where you position yourself, your team members or the organizaiton within the Four Rooms®. Understanding the unique psychological model behind the Four Rooms of Change® and its associated methods and tools will enable you to navigate and lead individuals and teams through the change cycle into the rooms of Inspiration and Contentment, the domains of change, innovation and productivity – as well as motivation and engagement.

This powerful concept of change facilitation involves all stakeholders in an organization from the beginning. The psychology behind the model is easy for anyone to grasp, the methods easy, transparent and rapid in their deployment. Your clients will be surprised at how appreciative and manageable a change process can be, and how fast tangible results can be achieved.


"It just works" proven for more than 20 years in practice –in all industries and across all continents


Module I

  • Introduction in the theory
  • History of the Four Rooms and Claes Janssen´s research and development of the concepts
  • Learn about and practice the fundamental instruments:
    • The Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change®
    • The Organizational Barometer®
  • Role and processes as a Certified User
  • How to work together in practice


Module II

  • Reflection and learnings of applying the Introduction® and the Organizational Barometer®
  • Further Case Studies and learnings
  • The Personal Dialectics with the Outsider Scale TM®
  • Application and own development


Module III

  • Reflection and learnings of applying the three fundamental instruments®
  • Deepen the understanding of the Personal Dialectics with the Outsider Scale TM
  • Connecting the analytical instruments with "Values-based consultation" in the context of Change management
  • The trademark policy, protection, and intellectual property
  • A brief introduction to additional analytic instruments of the Four Rooms series
  • The User Conference and one´s own professional development to ensure quality to end customer

In all modules, time is allocated for planning the participant's practical use of the instruments in their own professional practice as well as time for sharing experiences for deepening the experience.


The Program´s pedagogic principles are based on action-reflection-learning. It has a clear structure within which exploration and learning is initiated and encouraged, in order to support certification.


Our english-speaking Trainers from Sweden

Drusilla Copeland (Certification Program Manager of Four Rooms of Change®)

Bengt Lindström (Certification Program Manager of Four Rooms of Change®)


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Learning Process Support, International Projects, Strategy Process, Transformation & Change Management


English, German


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