Time-Management - Target-Oriented Working


Your Situation

Is it difficult for you to manage time and work efficiently as an employee or manager? Do you feel that time and work are more in control of you? A high volume of work, tremendous pressures to reach the deadline, constant interruptions and unexpected changes every day generate more chaos in your routine. You have difficulties concentrating on the task at hand and get lost in the work process. You want to bring about lasting improvements in your personal time management and organize your work more efficiently in order to carry out your tasks and reduce stress.

Your Benefit

After this seminar you will be familiar with all proven techniques that will help you focus more effectively on the main tasks, organize your time better and minimize stress. Moreover, you will know how to transfer the rules and tools at work. Bring balance in your life. Remember, it is not how the wind blows but how you raise the sail!


  • Analyze personal time management and organization skills
  • Define realistic professional and personal goals
  • Prioritize what is important and urgent
  • Successful use of time management instruments and methods
  • Link time management with the personal performance curve
  • Identify and remove time consuming activities
  • Dealing with disturbances - saying NO professionally
  • Desk management, channeling the information flow
  • Stress management
  • Life balance
  • Implementation strategies for daily use


  • Professional Input
  • Case study
  • Group work
  • Collegial supervision


Profile as PDF-download


Project Management, Management Techniques


English, German, Chinese

Additional Information

This course will be conducted in Chinese(Mandarin).


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