Remote Leadership and Working Together Virtually


Ensuring team spirit and performance - working together effectively from home office

Around 60 percent of employees surveyed would like to work from home, e.g. situations threatening our health such as coronavirus (result of a survey, March 2020, Statista). Half of the employers are technically capable of implementing home office - this number is increasing daily due to the current situation.

But: The virtual working method to which we have not been used to until now, presents your employees with new challenges. To avoid frustration and to ensure that you can continue to inspire your teams, keep them working, lead them and collaborate with them online, we have put together offers to support you in this situation.


More than a webinar: our interactive live online seminars

The difference: Often you cannot participate actively in webinars (except via chat) and webinars are tiring after a certain time. Our digital events all take place as interactive live online-seminars! We make seminars come to life with whiteboards, surveys, even group work is possible in different virtual rooms.


Online seminars with live interaction - that's how your learning loop looks like

  • Impulses that you practise directly with exercises in online training
  • Results are related to real business situations
  • Enough space for joint reflections for all participants
  • Integration of the results into your future daily business

We accompany you on your journey of learning in the digital working world because learning should be effective and fun at the same time. Enjoy Development!

#westayathome - and are still able to work virtually! We create closeness despite distance.


Please be aware, that our Video is in German.


Increase the performance of your team with more efficient online meetings

You are in Home Office and you want to...

  • lead virtual teams and improve the cooperation and communication with your far away teams across distance in the future?
  • drive important decisions forward, and you are wondering how you can achieve this by working together in virtual teams?
  • master new or highly complex challenges in a team, and you are wondering how you can solve problems in virtual space in a structured way?
  • enable your team to work virtually and make them passionate about the unfamiliar digital way of working?
  • strengthen the relationship with your customers via web conferences?
  • conduct negotiations with suppliers in web meetings?
  • learn the technical basics in order to use Skype, WebEx and other tools even better or more securely?
  • simply maintain virtual contacts with your colleagues, virtually drinking coffee, so to speak?

Lead teams virtually and collaborate online

Here you can find examples of our immediate offers, how you can make your teams virtually work, build trust and closeness in virtual space and collaborate effectively online.
Click here for the complete digital program: Leading and Collaborating in the Digital Work Environment.

All digital events take place as interactive live online sessions!

CONTUR Summit: Virtual Learning Space 12-14 May 2020

Developments in the working world are currently at a tremendous pace. Home office and virtual working are gaining a completely new meaning and acceptance. Leadership roles are changing, topics such as resilience are moving into focus. And one thing is already clear today: There will be no going back into the past.

Follow us on 12-14.May 2020 at the Virtual Learning Space with live talks and live online-workshops from all over the world. International participants and experts from Germany, China, USA and Mexico are waiting for you on the topic:

Catapulting into the future.
Redesigning work with the BEST from all worlds.

The Summit will take place in several languages. Curious? Learn more below!

 Virtual Learning Space Summit



For more information on more efficient online meetings and our immediate offers for virtual leadership and collaboration, click here: Digitalization of the working world

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