Doreen Nagork

Location: Hanover

With CONTUR for nearly 2 decades

Seminar Management


Your tasks at CONTUR

After parental leave, I came to CONTUR in 2002 through a recommendation. Here I first worked as a temp, but a short time later I was working part-time. As far as possible – it wasn’t that easy with the childcare options back then. But through good networks there was always a way. From the beginning, I helped supervise an onboarding key account program, but I was also the substitute for the executive assistant and worked in diagnostics at times. I have now been with the company full-time since 2017 and am still responsible for the key account program. Here I am responsible for the supervision of the participants, from the invitation to the implementation of the respective event. Due to the pandemic and the conversion of many trainings to virtual formats, my time as a web moderator came up-meaning I explain the many complexities of Teams to the participants and accompany them through the trainings on the technical side.

Tell something about you

Tell something about you

Tell something about you

When I’m not sitting at my desk at CONTUR, I’m either in my beautiful house in Wedemark (here, of course, also in my home office), in my big garden or in Greece. I have a diagnosed Greece quirk and have infected my better half with it – fortunately. 🙂