Sonja Mayer

Personnel and organisational development

Diploma in Education, Diploma in Business Administration

Consulting after feedback processes, team development and coaching

Mayer, Sonja

Your Way to CONTUR

Actually, I wanted to become an architect, an interior designer, to be precise. The preliminary internship on the building site had already been completed and in order not to idly waste a waiting semester, I ended up in industrial education for one semester. To be more precise, I stayed in this subject until my diploma and far beyond, because I noticed that the architecture of human thought and action fascinated me even more.

Already in my undergraduate studies I was allowed to gain my first experiences in human resource development and I therefore made the momentous decision to stay in this field. Momentous because I now have the rare good fortune that my profession is also my hobby and gives me a lot of fun and joy. Working with people, teams and organisations and being able to support them in their individual development processes makes my job an exciting and varied one. After a few detours and additional qualifications (business studies, sales experience, systemic training and of course the most beautiful diversions or the most beautiful additional qualification in the world: my two daughters), I have been a motivated and passionate consultant, trainer and coach at CONTUR since 2011.

Tell something about you

Tell something about you

Tell something about you

In my free time, I enjoy various sports (skiing, SUP, running, etc.) and give part-time courses in the gym (ZUMBA, Pilates, yoga, etc.). This way I find an optimal balance to some challenging topics in my professional and private life. For a few years now, I have been teaching at the University of Regensburg, which brings me very close to current research topics and, due to the young target group, always shows me completely new perspectives.