Susana Pérez

Project Manager – Events

Team CONTUR Mexico

Human Resources

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Your Way to CONTUR

My coming to CONTUR was purely by chance. In 2017 I worked with CONTUR when I did my internship for CONTINENTAL, in the Human Resources area. As part of my work career I like to add that I am a yoga and meditation teacher since 2020. I am a therapist and I am studying a diploma in psychogenetics and biodescodification. I am passionate about being in constant learning in topics that contribute to my career and personal development.




I like living outside of Mexico, my happiest times have been when I lived in Quebec and San Francisco. I am a fan of taking pictures of nature and noticing the small details that few people notice. I am an activist for the environment and animals, I have worked with Greenpeace and animal equality mexico.

Questions to you

  • Do you have any personal goals that motivate you?

    Having my own vegetable garden at home and being self-sustainable.

  • What was the last book you read?

    Stop being you – Joe Dispenza

  • What has been the best advice you have been given?

    Constancy and courage in all you do.

  • What would be the slogan of your life?

    Live and let live.

  • What are you most likely to be annoyed about?

    Ignorance in the face of injustice.