The Digitalization Challenge – Strengthening your competency, developing individual solution strategies


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Digital innovations are increasing at a rapid pace and are bringing with them many changes to our everyday professional life and to our private lives. These new technical solutions offer many potential benefits to meet current questions and problems and also enable a more efficient way of working. Simultaneously, this puts increased demands on individuals to keep up with these developments and to withstand the pressure of having to adapt. As a result, individuals are faced with the challenge of finding a way of meeting these requirements in order to avoid developing feelings of stress and being overwhelmed.

Are you fit for the digitalized working world? You are the right person for this training if you would like to answer the following question for yourself.- Identify what you personally need to meet the changes brought about by digitalization successfully and strengthen your personal health competences.

Your benefit

In this interactive training "The Digitalization Challenge", Strengthening your Competency, Developing individual solution strategies, you are going to take a close look at the most inmportant trends in digitalization. You will match the demands of digitalization with competences and strategies that you already possess. You will identify which learning competences you still need to broaden in order to be fit for the digital future. In addition, you will be able in particular, to determine for yourself, how a healthy reaction to digital stressors and a conscious use of personal resources might look. Expand your know-how – for your own health in a digitalized (working) world!


  •  Digitalization – current trends and technological developments
  • ­ Digitalization in your everyday working world: Impact and demands
  • ­ Positioning yourself: Identifying your own digital stressors
  • ­ Approaches derived from health management to strengthen you own health
  • ­ Developing an action plan: Individual action approaches for everyday life in a digitalized world
  • ­ Learning about strategies to further develop your digital competency


  • Technical input
  • group work
  • peer learning


Profile as PDF-download


Management Techniques, Digital Competence


English, German

Profile as PDF-download


Learning Process Support, Transformation & Change Management, Moderation, Digital Competence


English, German, French


Leadership, Personality Development, Health




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