Business Administration Compact for Managers


Your Situation

As an expert and manager, you need an in-depth understanding of business matters as well as a corresponding knowledge of methods in order to be on an equal footing when discussing revenue, costs, investments or budget decisions. Within the framework of your leadership responsibility, you want to understand economic indicators and gain the knowledge associated with their application in compact form. Your interest is particularly focused on economic methods and competent decision-making in connection with the topics of planning, budgeting, investment, management reports, and success and target achievement control.
Do you want to have a good command of a variety of specialized vocabulary in dialogues with specialist business units? And be able to apply standard concepts to determine and steer revenues and costs? Or are you about to experience an expansion of your leadership tasks which will expose you to areas of financial responsibility and you recognize definite training needs in order to be able to handle your finance-related leadership function?

Your Benefit

After completing the seminar you will know the financial basics in the area of financial and value oriented leadership, planning and budgeting, investment, cost and price management. You will be aware of the concepts of financial and managerial accounting, as well as their associated economic indicators, tools and methods so that you feel better prepared for dialogues with your Controlling colleagues and making financial management decisions.
A follow-up seminar can be organized upon request.


This seminar will support you in developing your financial leadership competence and empower you to focus on the use of financial management methods and knowledge.

Financial Management Concepts and Basics

  • ­ Measure and steer business success through financial management
  • Business success and understanding financial reports and financial analysis of the company´s status
  • Getting to know and understand the basic concepts of planning, steering and control of organizational units

Cost incurrence and cost management?

  • ­ Tasks and options for cost accounting , an understanding of cost planning and cost control at the corporate and cost center level
  • Determine and influence goal-targeted cost behavior and cost structure
  • Recognize and use relevant cost information for management decisions
  • Gain a better understanding of the master summary sheet and calculations and put this knowledge into practice

Planning and management with economic indicators

  • ­ Corporate management and financial reporting by means of economic indicators
  • The meaningfulness of modern economic indicators such as EBIT, CMC, ROCE etc.
  • The implementation of financially related economic indicator systems as well as the analysis of a balance scorecard and decision-making management reporting

Project and Investment Evaluation

  • ­ Get to know and understand the methods used in the financial evaluation of outsourcing – decisions as well as projects – and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Calculate economic indicators to evaluate projects and investments and their interpretation
  • Recognize risks of investments and make a financial evaluation
  • Value-oriented management decisions on the corporate and project level


  • Practice-oriented lecture
  • Group discussion/tasks
  • Collegial advice






English, German


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