Miguel Abarca

General Manager CONTUR Mexico and Senior Consultant on specialised topics

Engineer by training with postgraduate studies in Marketing and Finance.

Professional experience in sales, marketing, customer service, logistics and finance; leading transnational teams and organisations with managerial roles in several Latin American countries.


Your Way to CONTUR

My fundamental task is to advise and accompany our clients beyond their initial expectations and needs. I believe – with conviction and passion – that we must add VALUE by generating positive impacts that transcend. Therefore, part of my main activities are listening, observing, learning and advising, both in my daily contact with clients and prospects (which I enjoy enormously!) in consulting projects or in my work as a facilitator or trainer of trainings.

Training to BE instead of training to DO, and generating relationships beyond the transaction, are the pillars of my vision as a consultant and facilitator.

All this while enjoying the day to day, and honouring with dedication and commitment, the trust you place in our organisation and in us as people.
Trust is our greatest treasure!




I’ve been living in Mexico City since August 2015 and I’m already a lover of spicy food, mole, totopos and good tequila. I enjoy exercising and occasionally challenge myself to do so. Passionate about animals (cats, dogs, birds, etc.), I also enjoy gardening which helps me to drain my mind. I enjoy cooking on weekends and innovating spice and seasoning combinations. While I am extremely restless, I try to balance so much activity and energy with moments of absolute peace and quiet. I am absolutely family oriented and although it may sound commonplace, my greatest pride is my daughter. I stand up for honesty and demonstrating values on a daily basis as a life guideline. I believe that we should do good without looking at whom and that we should leave the world a much better place than we got it.