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Sustainability Game Experience

Sustainability Game Experience

Sustainability Game Experience

Involve ALL for sustainability in your company.

Sustainability cannot be achieved alone.
Successful implementation requires a team that gets on board. Gamification helps you to get everyone on track.

4 continents

Think globally – act internationally! We are at home in every corner of the world, speak a variety of different languages and understand your cultures. And in the digital world we are neighbors, in any case.

500 customers worldwide

We treat every customer like our first: We listen, analyse perceptively and develop customized solutions. For your launch on the path to sustainable development.

25 years of experience

We are old enough to act with wisdom yet still carefree, with new and fresh ideas every day. And the sum of all the experience of our team is like a huge database of knowledge.

Over 500 digital events

We recognized the benefits of digital training in its early stages, optimized our approaches. With our virtual learning journeys, we build the digital bridge between education and practice.

Our portfolio of services

For whatever you’re planning – locally, globally and digitally!


Our portfolio of services

For whatever you’re planning – locally, globally and digitally!

Local – Global – Digital

We are there where you need us and when you need us. Locally, onsite at 6 locations on 3 continents. And digitally, we are neighbors, everywhere in the world. But much more important for you: In our international team, you will always find a contact person who knows, understands and, above all, takes into account the cultural characteristics of your region.

Our Customer Projects


International junior talent program for managers and experts

  • Promotion of more than 80% of junior talents after participation in the program
  •  Long-term cooperation
  • Prestigious program in the company for high achievers

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Start your individual sustainable development TODAY: With a CONTUR seminar. Browse through our seminar finder and find the offer that perfectly fits your needs.

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