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The history of DHIT®

The challenge of effectiveness: For a long time now, we have been working on the challenge of improving the transfer of what has been learned, practiced and experienced in the training courses to everyday life and with that increasing effectiveness. Read more about the history, how and why the DHIT® came into being and why learners can achieve their goals particularly effectively!

Virtual Learning Space Feedback

Virtual Learning Space: Thanks for the great feedback!

With more than 1.350 participations in 50 Sessions from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Sweden, UK, China, India, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Canada, Panama, Australia our 3 days Learning Space Summit came to an end.
The enthusiastic response from 4 continents that you gave us after exciting live talks, discussions and interactions in live online-workshops with experts and participants from all over the world is absolutely inspiring! It was a pleasure to share insights and experiences with you all. More about Virtual Learning Space...

Communication in virtual space

Qualifying as an Online-Trainer

Learning and developing takes place in an increasingly digital environment. Apart from the classic way of classroom training, new and different forms of learning are coming up which take into account the different requirements of companies and professionals.

CONTUR now offers a course "Train-the-Online-Trainer" - for experienced face-to-face trainers, who also want to train online in an interactive and lasting manner while at the same time referring to didactic, methodical and technical expertise.

Qualifiying consists of...

Leading Remote

How "virtual" is your style of leadership?

Today leading successfully is not a question of face-to-face contact anymore. More and more leaders work across long distances yet are part of a global network. How can leaders build teams and confidence despite being far away? How do they create virtual intimacy with their team members? Experience yourself how you can streamline your communication, thus being more goal oriented and interactive. Learn how to improve the performance of your virtual team.

Leading Remote and Virtual Teams 4.0

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