Notes and General Terms and Conditions


The general terms and conditions of business of CONTUR GmbH, Großer Kolonnenweg 23, 30163 Hannover, Germany (hereinafter referred to as “CONTUR”) apply to all contracts related to the booking and implementation of seminars and training events concluded between a company (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) and CONTUR. 

The offers of CONTUR are aimed exclusively at companies within the meaning of Section 14 of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch – BGB) (all natural persons, legal entities and partnerships with legal capacity which act within the capacity of their commercial or self-employed status when concluding a legal transaction). CONTUR may require proof of customers’ legal status.

Unless explicitly approved, CONTUR shall not accept any general terms and conditions of business applied by the Customer if they deviate from these general terms and conditions of business.

CONTUR reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions of business within an appropriate period. Customers shall be notified via e-mail of such amendments. The Customer is deemed to have approved such amendments if they do not object within the period stated in the notification of the amendment.

Registration and conclusion of the contract

The seminars and training events presented on the online platform or in the brochures do not constitute binding offers, but serve to submit a binding offer for participation in a seminar or training event (registration). Registration is undertaken in writing, specifying the Customer’s full name and further contact details, company, function and department in the company, as well as the invoice address. Registration via fax, post or e-mail is binding once it has been received by CONTUR. CONTUR may accept the offer within a period of two working days per post, e-mail or fax. A contract shall only be concluded once CONTUR has accepted the offer. Registrations are generally considered in the order of their arrival. CONTUR shall send the Customer a booking confirmation as part of the approval process and, in good time before the start of the seminar, detailed information about the seminar times and venue.

Tailor-made seminars/programs as well as other consulting services are ordered using the order form enclosed with the corresponding offer. CONTUR shall send an order confirmation to the Customer.

Orders are generally processed and the Customer contacted automatically per e-mail. The Customer shall provide a valid e-mail address for the purpose of processing the order to ensure that the e-mails sent by CONTUR can be received. If using spam filters, the Customer shall particularly ensure that all e-mails sent by CONTUR or third parties engaged with the processing of the order can be received.

Prices and terms and conditions of payment 

The prices stated by CONTUR for open seminars and training events apply per participant and generally contain the implementation of the seminar, seminar documentation and daily expenses (lunch, including one drink, two coffee breaks and drinks provided during the seminar for each day of the event). Exceptions and deviations are generally specified separately in each event description. Prices for individually agreed events are agreed on an individual basis. All prices do not include VAT.

Unless agreed otherwise, CONTUR shall generally invoice the Customer 14 days prior to the start of the seminar or 14 days prior to the start of the first event of a series of training events. Invoices are payable in full within 14 days from receipt.

Payments in non-EU countries may incur additional costs. CONTUR shall not be liable to pay such costs, which are the responsibility of the Customer. Such costs include, for example, banking fees (e.g. transfer fees, exchange rate fees).

Event premises / hotel reservations 

All events take place either in our training rooms or in suitable hotels in the vicinity (within 150 km) of the respective event premises.

CONTUR has reserved a limited number of rooms in the conference hotel. Please make your own room reservations.
CONTUR is not generally involved in the respective contracts of accommodation. The costs for overnight accommodation/breakfast shall be settled by the participant directly in the hotel on the day of departure. The procedure for individually agreed events is defined on an individual basis.
Cancellations and rebooking are the responsibility of the participants themselves.

Cancellations/amendment of booking by the Customer

Unless otherwise agreed, the Customer may cancel their registration for open seminars up to 28 days prior to the start of the seminar without incurring any costs. The seminar fee shall be payable in full if a registration is canceled at a later date or not at all. Inability to work or illness do not qualify as exemption from the obligation to pay. However, the Customer has the opportunity to name a replacement participant.

Cancellations must be made in writing to CONTUR.

The Customer may amend the booking for an open seminar to a different date or event up to 28 days prior to the start, subject to availability. Amendments to the booking shall be placed in writing. Only one amendment is permitted per customer. CONTUR charges an administration fee of EUR 50.00 plus VAT for amendments of bookings.

Cancellation periods and the terms and conditions for amending bookings for individually agreed events are agreed on an individual basis.

Cancellation of events 

CONTUR reserves the right to change the date of seminars and to cancel or shorten seminars in the event of low demand, undersubscription, absence of the teacher or for other reasons. In the event that the speakers planned for the program are prevented from taking part due to unforeseen circumstances, CONTUR reserves the right to replace them with equivalent speakers.

In the event it proves impossible to hold the event as a result of force majeure, CONTUR may provide the service on a new date to be set, or else engage professional trainers and specialists to fulfill the responsibility. CONTUR shall agree to inform the Customer immediately if circumstances arise which make it impossible for the service to be provided.

Self-promotion and the right to publicize activities

The Customer shall authorize CONTUR to publicize the business relationship in an appropriate manner. CONTUR may, in particular, use the business relationship with the Customer for advertising purposes.

Limited liability

CONTUR shall assume liability to the Customer for all claims for compensation and damages arising from all contractual, contract-like and legal claims, including claims under criminal law, to the following extent:

CONTUR shall assume unlimited liability for all justified legal claims

  • in the case of malicious intent or gross negligence,
  • in the case of premeditated or negligent harm to body, life and limb,
  • on the grounds of a promise of guarantee, unless specified otherwise,
  • on the grounds of statutory liability, such as in accordance with product liability laws.

In the case of CONTUR negligently violating a material contractual obligation, liability shall be limited to the expected damage commonly associated with the type of contract, unless unlimited liability applies in accordance with the above paragraph. Material contractual obligations include obligations placed on CONTUR by the contract for the purpose of performing the contract as specified, obligations which are crucial to the proper performance of the contract in itself, and obligations on compliance with which the Customer may generally rely.

All other liability of CONTUR shall be excluded. 

The provisions on liability above shall also apply with regard to CONTUR’s liability for agents and legal representatives.


The Customer shall agree to maintain strictest confidentiality about all matters of business or of the company disclosed to them or to be disclosed to them as well as information marked as confidential or information of an obvious confidential nature based on other circumstances, even after the expiry of the contractual relationship. The Customer shall be relieved of their obligation to maintain confidentiality if the disclosure of information is required by law. Scripts, flipchart reports and other information may not be copied or communicated to third parties without explicit prior consent.

Gender discrimination

In the interests of easier legibility, some of the terms, designations and functional titles used are only presented in one gender form. In the sense of the non-discrimination principle, all texts are always intended to refer to all genders. All events are of course open to people of any gender.

Governing law and place of jurisdiction

The contracts concluded between the parties shall be governed by German substantive law, under exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). In the case of the contracting party being a businessperson, or if the contracting party does not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany, the parties shall agree to use Hanover, Germany, as the place of jurisdiction for all disputes.

Should provisions of these general terms and conditions of business be or become invalid, in whole or part thereof, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.