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Every customer is unique for us. Just like the concepts, learning and development architectures we implement for them. Because this is the only way we can achieve sustainable effectiveness together with our clients.
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Yamaha – International Management Development Program

International Management Development Programme for European managers at an international brand supplier.

Läpple – Development program for Managers

Establishing a common management culture. Create a common understanding of leadership for all executives in all business units and at all levels, and expand the feedback culture.

Metallverarbeitung Industrie
Aurubis – International Junior Management Program

Developing and retaining high potentials. How to develop global talents for strategic positions in the organization.

Knettenbrech + Gurdulic
Knettenbrech + Gurdulic: Customized development program

Develop the competencies of experienced and new executives and develop, apply and model a common understanding of leadership based on the KNETTENBRECH + GURDULIC values.

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Multicultural collaboration in production

Multicultural collaboration in production, sensitize teams to communicate effectively.

Goodbye silo: Together towards a new leadership culture

Customer-specific development programs for leaders to create a dialogue-oriented leadership culture on the basis of newly developed leadership guidelines.

Leadership culture development

Leadership culture development in blended format

Baum Gebäude
Getting managers on board for the implementation of a climate strategy

At one of our international customers in China, we raised awareness among managers about different perspectives on sustainability in companies. The measure ran as a parallel to the development of the climate strategy for the site.

Cross-cultural collaboration in international teams

Fostering cross-cultural collaboration in international teams. Client and stakeholders in Europe and the team in Mexico and US. 30 people involved across 4 countries.

Established bi-national training team in China

Personnel development of a German-Chinese management team at a German automotive supplier in China and establishment of an internal training center. "Train the Trainer" of the existing training staff in the cultural context.

Development of a Virtual Development Center

Development of a virtual development center for senior executives.

Qualification and training of Shopfloor Employees

Qualification of shopfloor employees during commissioning of a new plant

Digitization Health
Activly shaping virtual Customer Relations

Training of sales staff to shape customer relationships digitally.

Testing recipes
Great place to work

Creating a great place to work. Increasing cross-functional communication and collaboration. Conducted in China in Chinese Language.

Magnetec – Implementation of a global project management system

Agile and classic project management methods: Creating a common understanding