Great Place to Work (GPTW)

Reflection and development of workplace culture in a Chinese company.
Development of a Co-Constructing Program for a Chinese subsidiary – conducted in Chinese language.
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Our customer

As a subsidiary of a European group, our client distributes food products in China and has a portfolio of world-leading brands from various countries.

The client has been officially named a Top Employer 2020 in China by the Top Employers Institute.

Initial situation

Our client in China conducted a GPTW survey last year. GPTW has conducted the world’s largest and most respected series of studies on workplace quality, management and the role of trust in a workplace culture.


Based on the results of the survey conducted, management in China is initiating a specific project. This project is not only to share the results of the survey, but also to create a sense of transparency and knowledge sharing for continuous improvement, as “Wisdom of ALL company people”.




  • Employees are the performers
  • Based on the positive look forward, refrain from focusing on analyzing problems
  • Co-Creation, more cooperation and integration from different departments
  • The Objective of the program: All staff participate in the “Great Place to Work” discussion: Development issues and Action Plan
  • The outcomes of the program: GPTW Prospect, GPTW development items, GPTW Co-constructing plan
  • Long-term influence of the program: Build company culture: open, diverse, inclusive; Improve employee satisfaction and team cohesion; Healthier development of company


  • Warm-up and Kick-off: Show respect to the staff; build close relationships between staff and management. Build up trust. We work closely with client for a communication plan at the beginning of the program.
  • Co-Construction Workshop: Improvement Ideas. Facilitation of 7 workshops in total: 5 in Shanghai, 1 in Beijing, 1 in Shenzhen
  • Selection of results and build-up project teams: Project teams were formed and two employees from each department were selected as “experts”. Members of the management team were assigned as “mentors”.
  • 2. Co-Construction-Workshop: Project ideas turned into action plans, in 4 workshops in Shanghai, 1 workshop in Beijing and 1 workshop in Shenzhen. A concrete project plan was developed together with the project teams.
  • Project follow-up: Results and work status are tracked in regular presentations and follow-ups, supported by internal HR staff and executives.



2 runs

13 workshops with a total of
approx. 450 employees

30 projects initiated


The result

In total, 30 projects were initiated and implemented in the company. The program has improved cross-functional communication and collaboration, increased employees’ understanding of the company’s business, and enhanced the project management skills of many employees.

This program has also contributed to the customer being recognized as a Top Employer China 2021.

Comments of the participants

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