Qualification and training of Shopfloor Employees

Change @ Shopfloor
Supporting the target group during the start-up of a new production plant and the changing production processes. Maintaining the positive corporate culture.
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Our Client

Our customer, is a family-run high-tech company in the chemical industry, internationally active in North and South America, Europe and Asia and stands for quality, innovation and precision.

In the course of more than 100 years of history, it has developed into one of the big players in its industry with more than 1000 employees.

Outgoing situation

In the process of setting up a new production site, our client started planning the qualification and training of approx. 300 employees from the store floor and other production-related areas with CONTUR at an early stage.

The goal was to have managers and experts fundamentally familiarize themselves with our client’s positive, success-critical corporate culture. In doing so, they were to recognize the great significance and direct influence on the topics of leadership and readiness for change, transfer it to their own individual behavior, and then apply it in their own leadership actions in day-to-day business.

Together with plant management, production management and HR, an inventory was taken of the changing production processes and technologies and the employees associated with them.

It was important to the decision-makers that a close connection between the changes in the production process and the resulting need for change was apparent to all participants at all times. At the same time, the client and CONTUR agreed that especially store floor specific expertise and language is a decisive acceptance and success criterion in the selection of the development facilitators.


Based on the following goals and requirements, CONTUR developed the program:

  • Recognize the importance and effectiveness of a positive corporate culture
  • Recognize the interaction between culture, leadership and readiness for change
  • To teach managers the basic behavior of people in change
  • To take into account the special conditions in production-related areas in the development program at all times and to put them into practice
  • To provide participating managers with concrete tools for change support
  • Transferring the management task of change support to the daily business of the managers


In order to accompany the entire target group in time before and during the commissioning of the new plant and the changing production processes, the collaboration started regardless of the pandemic situation.

Throughout 2021, the groups, in virtual or face-to-face formats, were accompanied through the measures. The pandemic situation, the resulting need to switch between virtual and face-to-face formats, and the customer’s existing shift systems, have been a major challenge to the success of the qualification program.

Through a regular and constructive exchange between plant and production management, personnel development and CONTUR, the program was implemented in time before and during the commissioning of the new plant, despite all obstacles and imponderables.

Designed as a development journey

3 x 2 days in presence and 6 modules virtually

Plant and production management

Active role in the implementation

300 Participants

from shopfloor and production-related areas

Feedbackof the Participants

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