Activly shaping virtual Customer Relations

Establish a digital learning architecture to train sales staff. Intensify customer contacts and improve the virtual approach.
CONTUR group 1x1
Digitization Health

Digitally improve Customer Relations

The client is a healthcare company with over 10,000 employees at more than 300 locations in Germany. It wanted to use the Corona time to actively pursue online customer acquisition with potential end customers and corporate customers and to impart its knowledge online as part of customer support with the aim of maintaining and, if possible, intensifying customer relationships. The target group of the measure is sales staff, who will be enabled to work with their customers in virtual conversations in a personal, appreciative and interactive way and to actively shape conversations.


Sales staff can interactively design virtual meetings with their customers in various 1:1 conversations, small groups (2-5 people) or medium-sized groups (up to 12 people).

A guideline and presentation template has been developed that is customised to the specific customer landscape, group sizes and the company’s key messages. This is available to the participants beyond the accompaniment in the training measure and can be further developed independently in the further course.


Different requirement profiles for sales employees in various roles and the skills derived for each role have been developed. In this way, competence development is systematically set up in the sales organization.  This covers the spectrum from the “technical support role” to a “virtual moderator role” with the necessary knowledge of the dramaturgy and didactics of online events.

Learning videos are available to explain how to use the interaction tools adapted to the technical capabilities of the company – and the clients.


  • Virtual workshops to develop the roles and skills.
  • Development of a live online training program for the different roles. Virtual one-on-one coaching sessions to prepare and reflect on client events.
  • Development of 20 short learning videos of 1-2 minutes each (script, branding, shooting, editing).




  • Provision of lifehacks and templates
  • Piloting, structured reflection and agile adaptation to technical developments in the course of the project and changes in customer requirements

The Collaboration

Defined project management on the part of the customer as well as in CONTUR have collectively set the framework, continuously achieved the necessary internal coordination and coordinated the respective participants – from IT-relevant clarifications to the requirements for the end customer and corporate customer meetings of the sales staff.

Regular feedback loops ensured that expectations and results were continuously compared – and new customer requests that resulted from the exchange could also be integrated into the processing at short notice.

The exchange was always goal-oriented, professionally focused and very friendly. The project managers made this assignment their joint project, thought systemically and for each other, and ensured through time-efficient organization that the entire project was able to keep within the ambitious framework of three months.

2 runs of 7 modules of 2 hours each

24 Participants

Project framework 3 months


The participants of the training unanimously stated that they had gained great confidence in the didactic design of their virtual customer meetings and also received a lot of positive feedback about the charts used from the end customers. After the second run, a small group took over the training internally and conducted it in alternating pairs for their own colleagues, thus scaling it within the company.


Feedback from Participants

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