Coaching of
executives in Australia

Supporting personal development in shaping the sales leadership role
Use of a cross-cultural coach and validated psychometric testing, including debriefing
CONTUR woman-coaching

Our client

The company employs over 5.000 people and has its headquarters in Germany. The machine and plant manufacturer generates the majority of its sales outside Europe.


The client wanted to implement coaching as an individual development measure for sales managers in Australia. It was to serve as preparation for participation in the international management development program in the following year and thus provide the coachees with time and space for reflection.

Coaching stands for targeted, time-limited individual support and professional guidance for people in important development and change processes.

The coach is a sparring partner who actively listens, challenges, confronts and supports. They encourage people to reflect on their experience and adopt different perspectives.

The coach helps to develop alternative courses of action and concrete solutions and to take new paths.


The aim of the measure is to support executives in their personal development in shaping their leadership role in an international environment and to focus on sales work.

Coaching is designed as a development process over several weeks and months and is tailored to the individual’s needs in terms of objectives and content, duration and frequency.

In this case, support was provided in virtual monthly sessions via MS Teams by a coach experienced in both national cultures (headquarters: Germany, location of the coachees: Australia).


  • Preparation of the coaching by means of a virtual self-assessment of preferred behaviors in sales activities with a focus on relationship building, process design, self-control and self-motivation via a validated psychometric test (duration 15-30 minutes)
  • Selection of the coach and getting to know the coach and coachee
  • Detailed debriefing on the psychometric test, derivation of personal development goals
  • Ongoing virtual coaching to work on specific development topics in communication, conflict resolution and leadership in an international context

Coach with intercultural background

Germany and Australia

Involvement of the line manager and/or HR management

in the clarification of the assignment

12 coaching sessions per leader

60 min each over 9 months

Collaboration and result

The assignment was clarified with the involvement of the German and Australian HR managers in close consultation with the proposed coach.

Executives feel valued by the company in their position and exercise of their leadership role and actively integrated into the international company. They become “visible” beyond their own location and can continue to develop.

Feedback from the participants

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