Multicultural collaboration in production

Leading multicultural teams @ shopfloor
Raise awareness and develop common strategies to communicate effectively and successfully lead multicultural teams with employees from different cultures.
CONTUR mexico-group
Elektrotechnik Chip

Our customer

Our customer, is a family-run electrical engineering company and stands for innovation, quality and precision. It produces at several locations in Germany, North America and China.

Over the history of more than 90 years, it has developed into an innovative and stable supplier in its industry with more than 2,000 employees.

Starting point

In the context of an employee survey at the German sites, it became clear that the shift supervisors wanted support in managing their multicultural teams in production. When employees from many nations worked together, language barriers and different cultural influences led to conflicts and the formation of “small groups”. This had a negative impact on the company culture and production results.

The goal was to sensitize shift supervisors to the differences between people and cultures and to jointly develop strategies for communicating effectively and leading their multicultural teams successfully. Special focus was to be placed on the most important cultural influencing factors and their own cultural imprint. The shift leaders should recognize for themselves how they can influence group dynamics in an intercultural context in their role as leaders.

The customers and CONTUR agreed that they should work together on concrete problem cases during the training in order to develop individual solutions. The collegial exchange during the training was also intended to strengthen networking among the shift supervisors beyond the training days in order to be able to discuss problem cases and share best practices in the future.

In a first round, the company’s attitude to the initial situation was defined together with the management, and the framework conditions derived from this were operationalized.

Subsequently, work was carried out with the shift supervisors in large groups during 2-day events in order to make diversity perceptible in the training situation.


CONTUR developed the program based on the following goals and requirements:

Participants will…

  • …reflect on how they influence group dynamics in an intercultural context in their role as a leader.
  • …know the most important cultural influencing factors for them and reflect on their own cultural imprint.
  • …know the influence of culture on communication and learn to communicate effectively in an intercultural context.
  • …develop and elaborate individual solutions for their concrete problem cases and fields of application on the basis of the given framework conditions.

With 62 executives in 3 large groups to experience differences

Peer consulting, theoretical impulses, exercises and reflections

Interactive and diversified accompanied by a trainer tandem


The 62 shift leaders were trained on three dates in groups of 18-22 participants over a period of two months. In order to work intensively in the large groups, two trainers were used in tandem. These trainers had in-depth background knowledge of the production environment and interculturality. This ensured practical relevance and made it possible to apply the new impulses to the reality of work in the commercial environment. The elements of peer consulting in the training further strengthened the networking among the shift supervisors, so that the opportunity for joint exchange was also used after the measures.

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