Goodbye silo:
towards a new leadership culture

Strengthen leadership throughout the company
Customer-specific development programs for leaders to create a dialogue-oriented leadership culture on the basis of newly developed leadership guidelines.
CONTUR international

Our customer

The client is a pharmaceutical company with over 1,000 employees from 35 countries.


  • Raise leadership in the organization to a new level.
  • Sensitize managers, from team leaders to senior executives, to the diversity and complexity of leadership, to inspire them to actively lead, to equip them with modern leadership tools and to support them in leading and accompanying employees as role models through turbulent BANI times.
  • Involve four levels of management: Management, division, department and team managers; a total of over 60 managers.
  • Improve the communication and feedback culture – in addition to further training in leadership.
  • Provide a supplementary talent program for the junior staff with a development platform and help them decide on a career as an expert or leader.


Historically, many technical experts have been promoted to managers.

With new and coordinated development programs, managers are to be enabled to fulfil their leadership role in the context of the current business, based on the newly developed leadership guidelines and in good coordination with each other, so that a new leadership culture is created in everyday life.

The focus here is particularly on conducting discussions and acting as a role model. The active involvement of the respective higher management level should be reflected in the overall approach and the silo mentality should be overcome, creating a new dialog-oriented “leadership culture”.

Participants should acquire knowledge, learn skills, reflect on their own behavior and be motivated to apply what they have learned directly in their daily lives – and thus generate better decisions with greater impact.

In addition, the aim is to promote networking between managers. In this way, supportive and obstructive behaviors are addressed and can be adapted in the further course.

Very similar leadership behavior sets an example for the next management level and contributes to the creation of a new leadership culture.


  • Design of an overall architecture for leadership and management culture development
  • Design and implementation of target group-specific development programs for each management level
  • Consistent choice of blended approach for each target group, each consisting of closely interlinked face-to-face and virtual training modules, linked by preparation and transfer tasks, moderated leadership circles and peer group coaching
  • One module per target group every 4-8 weeks over a period of 6-9 months with the involvement of a closely coordinated trainer/coach team
  • Briefing and involvement of HR and management as a fireside guest in the programs of the various target groups/hierarchical levels

Over 60 leaders
from 3 locations

Target group-specific learning journeys in blended format
within 18 months

19 face-to-face events
38 virtual training modules


The managers have gained confidence in shaping their leadership role within the given strategic guidelines.

Mutual peer coaching sensitized them to other perspectives and promoted a culture of feedback.

The newly developed leadership guidelines were integrated into the events and brought directly to life, their design was discussed intensively and best practice examples were provided.

The managers were also able to network more closely with each other.


The holistic approach across four management levels was planned from the outset as an overall architecture and implemented in a coordinated manner.

An overall communication process carried out in advance showed which level would be rolled out and when, and the feedback from the individual groups was aggregated and reflected back to the organization anonymously via HR Development.

Throughout the entire process, there were continuous coordination meetings with HR Management and HR Development as well as with the Managing Directors every three months.

Feedback from participants

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