Personnel Development Programs

Implementing strategic personnel development and promoting employee loyalty
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25 years of experience with company-specific learning environments

On-site and virtual settings in a variety of languages

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Are you familiar with the situation: There are not enough trained project managers in your company to implement the ever-increasing number of complex corporate initiatives? In your personnel development conferences, do you notice that your supply pipeline for re-staffing key positions is not sufficiently filled? In times of skills shortages, do you notice the different expectations of an increasingly heterogeneous pool of employees?

You know that, in addition to the professional fit  to your company, integration into a good corporate culture is important. Or do you want to change the corporate culture and systematically drive this forward in your PE initiatives?

Would you like to use personnel development as an opportunity for employee retention and implement goal-oriented in-house development programs that are perceived as appreciative and that take into account the individuality of the participants?

If that is the case, then our “self-directed” personnel development programs are right for you. By “self-directed“, we mean the active involvement of participants in programs. In this way, you strengthen the self-learning competence and the assumption of responsibility of employees for their own development.

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In personnel development programs, we use learning settings that make it possible to develop individually, to build a network, and to apply the acquired knowledge in practice to concrete tasks. Agilely structured, we can therefore act flexibly in the programs, which usually run for longer periods of time, depending on the speed of the progress.

Hybrid formats and Blended Learning

Since time is precious for everyone: We fit into your daily routine the best way possible. Because with hybrid (simultaneously on-site and digital) and so-called ²blended learning” formats (a combination of face-to-face and digital learning), you can take the next step at any time

The proportion of purely digital formats has long been on the increase, and not just since Corona. The advantages are obvious: They can be carried out securely at any time – regardless of travel restrictions and other regulation. So no viruses can sneak up on us online. A little certainty is always reassuring…


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Who is particularly suitable for a PEP? We are happy to support you in your preliminary, internal nomination process: from the planning stage to its professional implementation.

Whom do we have in mind actually? We have a few facts for you here. Maybe they will even be helpful to you in your decision making.

Selected target groups of our personnel development programs are

  • Upper Management (Executives)
  • Managers (Leaders)
  • Management Trainees/high potentials
  • Project Managers
  • Experts
  • Skilled foremen/shift supervisors


Our first task is to listen and analyze! Because a successful PEP must be aligned with your business goals!

We offer a learning architecture tailored to your company, the person(s) and the development goals to be defined in advance, and promote holistic learning, development and change processes and systematic build-up. In this way, we contribute to strengthening the key competencies of your employees and managers.

Most important: We don´t just “pull this out of a hat”. Adapting our ideas for a PEP to your company-wide competency model or internal management guidelines is the basis for success.

Solutions for specific target groups: digital and local

In addition to international development programs, we also design programs for selected target groups: these can also be conducted “locally”, digitally, or in combination. We take a holistic approach. And we do that from start to finish. Our internationally experienced trainers, consultants and coaches support you in the professional interlinking of the employee selection process, in the use of diagnostic tools such as 360° feedback, assessment and/or development centers, in program design and in the implementation of your personnel development program.

  • Plant Manager Development Programs
  • Development of sales managers: Qualification as an internal project manager
  • Development programs for strategic procurement managers
  • Expert development programs, e.g. in F&E und IT

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Aurubis – International Trainee Program

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Does that sound convincing?

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