Business Coaching

Time to get into high gear!
Find solutions and achieve goals with individual business coaching
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Solutions for your own personal challenges

Our coaching sessions are always aimed at creating solutions for your own individual challenges

Intercultural expertise

We possess the essential intercultural expertise and experience with the (national) cultures that are involved

Diversity of methods

We can provide the appropriate methodological knowledge to meet every requirement (strategy/conversation/conflict management, etc.).

Experienced coaches

Our coaches all have first-hand experience in the business world


This type of coaching needs to be focused and goal-oriented. You are facing a concrete situation or a specific task. Our business coaches support you in finding solutions using a professional coaching approach as well as their own expertise in a business environment. In the top 10 of the most frequent situations is a reflection about your own person and your role as well as your leadership style, which is something our coaches are able to facilitate using a variety of coaching techniques. However, the emphasis is always on individuality. In other words, you simply bring your specific topic to your coaching session.

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We regard business coaching as a targeted, temporary and above all individual form of support and professional guidance. We are there to provide people and teams with the necessary assistance in important development and change processes as well as in problematic situations.

What can you expect from our coaches?

Coaches are sparring partners who actively listen and support, but who also challenge and confront. They encourage you to reflect on your own experiences and adopt other perspectives in return. On the home stretch, coaches help you to develop alternative courses of action and concrete approaches to solutions, and consequently to  break new ground.

As sparring partners, they often also contribute their international business expertise in order to develop additional impulses and solution concepts.

Business coaching can provide the perfect answer if you

  • are in the process of making a new start in your career and are facing new challenges.
  • want to align teams in a targeted manner, develop them quickly or strengthen their conflict resolution skills.
  • want to develop new skills, attitudes and behavior patterns quickly and in a targeted manner.
  • want to rearrange their “inner map“ or overcome barriers to take action.
  • want to master challenges and tasks in an intercultural and international environment.


Short answer: You decide!

Face-to-face coaching (onsite)

If you prefer “face-to-face” coaching, this is possible at many locations. Our CONTUR locations in Germany, China and Mexico give us the possibility to actively support you onsite in many countries in Europe, Asia and on the entire American continent.

Many languages from Mandarin, Spanish as well as English are common practice for CONTUR employees and many of our network partners.

Online Business Coaching

It is not only since the Corona pandemic that we have been experiencing that concrete challenges can be worked on in a solution-oriented manner in online coaching sessions.

Are you facing a business challenge and looking for fast, competent and uncomplicated support? Internationally experienced business consultants from more than 20 countries are available for individual online consulting services at short notice: sparring partners who will guide you through your specific issues. On demand, virtual and flexible.

Let´s get more specific!

Here are some of the best examples of online business coaching:

  • You have to conduct negotiations with Chinese partners and would like to prepare for this  in a business-focused manner.  The sparring partners should have intercultural experience, know the Chinese (business) culture and possess business experience themselves. They should not only be able to help you will specific questions, but also provide impulses for your undertaking.
  • You are facing potentially confrontational discussions with your employees, suppliers or colleagues and can only conduct them in English. You want to develop your conversation strategy, recognize risks and avoid pitfalls, and would like to do this externally with a coach. Intercultural experience, the ability to develop conversation and meeting strategies is essential and knowledge of the business environment is a prerequisite.


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Fixed appointments? We have a better idea: Revert to online business coaching whenever it is necessary and your situation requires it – at short notice and fast. And no matter where you are in our online coaching sessions, you work on your issue virtually from anywhere in the world – directly and in a confidential 1:1 setting that includes the external perspective of an experienced coach.

Certified trainers

Almost all of our trained coaches already have the “Introduction to Janssen’s Model®” certification.

This certification, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), enables our coaches to support their coachees, particularly in change processes, on the basis of this practical theory.